Gonzaga University Athletic Training
Athletic Training Room Staff (l to r): Assistant Athletic Trainer Eric Gunning, Assistant Athletic Trainer Peter Clark,
Director of Athletic Medicine Steve DeLong, Associate Athletic Trainer Jennifer Nyland, Assistant Athletic Trainer Leanne Stockton.
Welcome to Gonzaga!

The Gonzaga University Athletic Department is concerned with the health and
well-being of its student-athletes. For this reason the Athletic Department has
made provisions to assure that the medical needs of each student-athlete
are taken care of.

This is accomplished by:

  • Systemic and complete health care evaluation and physical examinations.
  • Provide sound examinations, evaluation and diagnosis for every injury or illness.
  • Provide health counseling to student-athletes.
  • Reinforce lifelone health practices that ensure greater quality of life,
    including strength and conditioning training.
  • Participate in education, preventative programs and diagnosis in alcohol and
    drug abuse.
  • Conduct an on-going program in injury prevention.
  • Help to assure a safe area for practice and games.
  • Provide confidential treatment of the student-athlete and medical record.

The Gonzaga University Athletic Department has a comprehensive health-care system
under the direct supervision of five certified athletic trainers, who in turn work at the
direction of Gonzaga University team physicians. The team physicians may utilize
other medical professionals in providing care to Gonzaga University student-athletes.
The team physicians are informed of all serious injuries of which they have final
authority with regard to medical disqualification, treatment, and return to competition.



Gonzaga University certified athletic trainers have the following sport assignments.


Steve DeLong
Director of Athletic Medicine
Men's Rowing 


Jennifer Nyland
Associate Athletic Trainer
Men's Basketball 
Women's Tennis

Peter Clark
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball
Men's Tennis 
Cross Country/Track 


Leanne Stockton
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Women's Rowing


Eric Gunning
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's Soccer 

Katie Johnson
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Women's Soccer