About Gonzaga Cheerleading
Thank you for your interest in the Gonzaga University Cheerleading Team. Members of the Gonzaga Cheerleading Team enjoy a truly unique college experience. Gonzaga University Cheerleaders are an important part of Gonzaga Athletics. Gonzaga Cheerleaders have become a vocal presence at all Gonzaga men’s and women’s basketball games as well as in the community. Each year, the cheerleading squad participates in events, appearances, and much more. The Gonzaga Cheerleading is the only true co-ed program in the West Coast Conference and is comprised of 16 cheer members. The squad attends all men’s and women’s basketball games, the WCC tournament, and NCAA tournaments.

Becoming a Gonzaga Cheerleader
Please note: Gonzaga Cheerleading does not compete, nor does the program offer scholarships. Its primary focus is crowd involvement and with a heavy emphasis on partner stunting. Compared to other collegiate programs, time commitment is minimal. Thus, cheer team members are afforded more time to participate in other campus activities and maintain academic priorities.

All those interested in trying out must be accepted to the university or a current student and maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA throughout the season. For males, no previous experience required but athleticism and muscular strength are preferred. There are no height or weight restrictions for females, however, an appropriate physique and prior cheerleading/dance and gymnastics experience are strongly recommended

2014 Tryouts
Informational Meeting: Wednesday, September 3rd | 6pm | Martin Centre

Friday, September 12th | 4-7pm | Dance Studio in Rudolf Fitness Center
Saturday, September 13th | 9am-1pm | Day Court in the Martin Centre
Sunday, September 14th | 9am-1pm | Day Court in the Martin Centre

Contact Us
Gonzaga Cheer Head Coach
Michelle Wilson
Phone | (509)370-0828
Email |