Gonzaga utilizes a priority point system to allocate post-season tickets. The priority point system is the best way to ensure we, as a University, fairly and accurately recognize the contributions of all those who make it possible for Gonzaga to enjoy success. 

It is important to note that this priority point distribution policy does provide limits on the number of tickets available to any one individual, and that limit may not meet each individual’s full desire for tickets. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of our constituents, but are mindful of doing this in a way that is equitable across the entire group of supporters. Often Gonzaga is not in control of ticket quantities, as is the case for the NCAA Tournament. In most cases, the ticket quantities we are provided are very limited.

Once pairings are announced on Selection Sunday, Gonzaga University will follow the postseason seating plan outlined below to accommodate donors in priority order beginning from 6:00 – 9:00 pm (PST), until the allotment is exhausted. Ticket prices will be known at that time and fans will have the opportunity, in priority point order, to purchase up to the quantity limit of tickets for Gonzaga’s sessions the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.  

Please note, if you choose to purchase tickets to the first weekend of the tournament, you must agree to purchase tickets to both rounds played, should Gonzaga advance. Should Gonzaga not advance to the final game of the opening weekend, you will not be charged for the subsequent round as the tickets will not be made available to you or to Gonzaga by the NCAA. 

In the event there are still tickets available after exhausting the priority point list, the ticket office will accept and fill orders from the Alumni and the public based on availability. For the below distribution policy, all percentile calculations are based upon the most recent semiannual calculation of priority points. Individuals must have a minimum of fifty (50) priority points to be included in percentile calculations. However, once each defined percentile level has had the opportunity to access tickets, they will be made available to point holders with less than 50 points.  

Priority Point Levels for Ticketing 2014-15 (Ticket Access Based on Available Quantities)
NCAA Second and Third Rounds (Opening Weekend, formerly First & Second Round)

  • Based on total quantity made available by the NCAA minus team and administrative needs.

  • Tickets will be available to individuals on the priority point list, in descending order.

  • The Top 5 percentile of points holders will receive a personal invitation to purchase tickets once they are available, most commonly via phone call from Gonzaga Athletics. All other percentile levels should monitor GoZags.com and their e-mail address on file with Gonzaga Athletics for information on availability and access to tickets.

  • The Top 5 percentile of points holders wishing to purchase will be allocated all available tickets, with the opportunity to purchase up to 4 tickets per individual based on availability.

  • Based on remaining availability, the Top 6-15 percentile of points holders will be allocated the remaining tickets, the opportunity to purchase up to 2 tickets per individual based on availability.

  • Based on remaining availability, the lower 85 percentile of points holders will be allocated the remaining tickets, and the opportunity to purchase up to 2 tickets per individual based on availability.

  • Once the top 15 percentile of points holders have had the opportunity to purchase their initial limit, individuals in that group will have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets, in descending points order, with the quantity of additional tickets made available based on remaining inventory. 

The location of seats for everyone allocated seats is determined using the Gonzaga University Athletics priority points system (Calculations below).

Gonzaga University Athletics Points are calculated by using the following formula:

  1. One point for each year (up to 20 years) as a season ticket holder. 10 point bonus for every 10 years (up to 20 points) as season ticket holder.
  2. One point for every $100 of giving to the Athletic Department over the previous 10 years.
  3. One point for every $1,000 of giving to Gonzaga University, not including athletics, over the previous 10 years (up to 100 points).
  4. For life time gifts to the University of $500,000 or more, one point for every $1,000 of giving to GU, not including athletics, (up to 1000 points).
  5. One point for each $100 contributed or pledged to either the Founders Society/Founding Members or the Arena Building Partners Fund.