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Courtesy: Gonzaga Athletics

Weird Feeling As Last Race Of Season Is On The Horizon

Courtesy: Gonzaga Athletics
          Release: 11/14/2013
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            EDITOR’S NOTE:  Gonzaga University junior Alison Fraher will share her thoughts on the 2013 cross country season in a blog that will share her personal experiences and those of the team throughout the season.


Gonzaga Cross Country

            It’s a weird feeling knowing your last race of the season is almost here. I LOVE racing cross country, and I think I’m in the minority on that subject, as I’ve heard most of the ladies on our team starting to get excited for track.

            For me, Regional is going to be a time to go out and enjoy any right hand turns that come my way in the race, because there’s going to be plenty of left hand turns in the future. It’s also a time for me to enjoy going fast and just flat out racing. Every race this season we’ve been learning and learning. ‘Go out controlled, don’t settle, surge here, attack there, focus on this color jersey…’ all that good stuff. Now is the time to just put all of that to good use come Friday.

            To get ready for the race, we got in a few quick workouts between West Coast Conference and now. We had to punt one day because of snow, but that’s what you get for going to school in Spokane. Jokes on you when we host WCC!

            Last Thursday’s workout was as if Mother Nature was plotting against us. Not only had Patty written what I remembered to be one of the hardest workouts from my freshman and sophomore years, but it was also cold, rainy, windy and to top it all off it was dark by 3:30 because of the cloud cover. Patty drove beside us on the road to get us back to campus safely after the workout. But that was the last “big” one. Since then we’ve been doing some fine tuning work like fast 400’s and 200’s. During the workouts I was surprised how relaxed I felt, given how fast I was going. I may have set some 400 PR’s! I’m ready to put that to work on Friday.

            I’m so thankful for all of the love and support GUXC has had this season. From donors, to academic staff, to parents, to trainers, even the support from our teammates (the freshmen got up at 4:30 a.m. to see us off to WCC!!!), and of course our WONDERFUL coaches; thank you!

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