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History of Spike the Bulldog
In Gonzaga's early football history, the teams were called the "Blue and Whites" or "The Fighting Irish". After a football game in 1921, a reporter wrote that Gonzaga fought tenaciously like bulldogs. Thus, that description became the new mascot. Over the years, Gonzaga has had numerous live bulldogs as mascots.

Human mascots replaced live dogs in 1980 when a Gonzaga student, Mike Griffin, wore a cape and called himself "Captain Zag." He remained the Gonzaga mascot from 1980 until 1982. A few more students donned the Captain Zag uniform before a bulldog mascot returned in 1985. Lee Mauney, a student from Hatchie Bottom, Mississippi, introduced the Gonzaga crowd to the first costumed bulldog mascot in 1985. He held the role from 1985-88.

Spike has become synonymous with Gonzaga Athletics. In 2000, Spike rose to national prominence when he was among a group of mascots that appeared in Nike's "Welcome to Bracketville" promotional commercials for the NCAA Tournament.

Mascot Appearance Policy (^ Top)
Appearance Fees | Appearance Guidelines | Impermissible Appearances | Transportation
Liability for Costume Damage
| Payment | Cancellation & Refunds | Photo/Video

Spike the Bulldog makes regular appearances at Gonzaga Men's & Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Men's & Women's Soccer, and Baseball games. He can also be found at various University and community events throughout the year. Spike is available to appear at events hosted by not-for-profit entities, birthday parties, weddings, and other non-commercial, private events for a fee.

The approval of mascot appearance requests is based on (1) the event's compliance with the appearance guidelines detailed in the next section and (2) mascot availability, with priority given to Gonzaga athletic events. Appearance request approval is at the sole discretion of the Gonzaga Athletic Department.

We recommend that you not center your event on an appearance by Spike, but rather that you consider Spike's appearance as a complement to your event, keeping in mind that we are unable to fulfill many requests due to scheduling conflicts.

To uphold the University mascot standards, only individuals authorized by the Athletic Department may wear the mascot costume and perform as Spike. For liability reasons, we do not lend the mascot costume.

Appearance Fees

Event Type Appearance Fee, First Hour Appearance Fee, Additional Hour (up to 3 total hours) Travel Compensation

On-campus, University-related appearance*

$0 $0 --

Off-campus, University-related appearance

$25 $25

$0.565/mile (up to 50 miles)

Sponsor-related appearance

$50 $25

$0.565/mile (up to 50 miles)

Non-profit event appearance

$50 $25

 $0.565/mile (up to 50 miles)

Private event appearance (i.e. events for non-commercial entities, such as birthday parties, weddings, etc.)

$75 $25

 $0.565/mile (up to 50 miles)

*Gonzaga University departments will be charged a $25 cleaning fee upon the second appearance per academic year.    

Appearance Guidelines
Spike may participate in the following activities:

  • Greet guests
  • Pose for photos
  • Sign autographs
  • Other activities at his discretion and so long as neither his safety nor the cleanliness of the costume will be compromised

The following conveniences must be provided:

  • A dedicated handler to serve as a liaison between the mascot and the requester's organization and to accompany the mascot for the duration of the appearance
  • A private changing area (i.e., public restrooms do not constitute a private changing area)
  • Drinking water
  • A 15 minute break every 45 minutes in a climate-controlled area; Spike may not be in the costume for more than 45 consecutive minutes at any point during the appearance

The minimum appearance duration is 1 hour. The maximum appearance duration is 3 hours. The safety of our mascots while attending external events is of utmost importance to Gonzaga Athletics. The mascot may excuse himself from any event - without notice and without refund - where he believes his safety may be compromised. Furthermore, mascots are not permitted to wear the costume in inclement weather. The mascot may excuse himself from an outdoor appearance in the event of inclement weather.

Impermissible Appearances
Spike will not appear at events that may be reasonably construed as advancing a political agenda or the commercial interests of a business entity that is not a sponsor of Gonzaga Athletics (e.g., store grand opening, Young Republican rally).

Spike will provide his own transportation to and from events.

Liability for Costume Damage
In the event that any components of the mascot costume are damaged as a result of negligence or misconduct on the part of a guest at an appearance, the requesting organization will be responsible for the repair/replacement costs of each damaged item. Damage repair/replacement cost estimations are listed below:

Head: $500
Body: $690
Tail: $160
Shoulder pads: $175
Shoes: $115
Gloves: $35
Clothing: $200

Payment must be received in full at least 48 hours prior to the confirmed appearance. Payments must be made via Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card online through a CASHNet link that will be provided via a confirmation email to the requester. Failure to remit payment in a timely manner will result in the cancellation of the appearance.

Cancellation & Refunds
Should an event for which a Spike appearance has been confirmed be canceled, it is the requester's obligation to notify Gonzaga Athletics as soon as possible. If payment has already been received and the notification of cancellation is given within 24 hours of the event, a refund may be issued.

In the event that Gonzaga Athletics must cancel a previously confirmed Spike appearance (due to illness, personal emergency, etc.), we will make every effort to provide at least 24 hours' notice and arrange for an alternative appearance. A refund will be issued in the event that an alternative appearance cannot be scheduled.

Photos & Video
Photos and video taken of Spike may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the express consent of the Gonzaga Athletic Department.

FAQs (^ Top)

Who may request a mascot appearance?
How far in advance should I submit an appearance request?
Is there a fee for Spike appearances?
How far will Spike travel for an appearance?
Can I borrow the mascot costume for my event?

Q: Who may request a mascot appearance?
A: Anyone may request a Spike appearance; however, submitting a request is no guarantee of an appearance. Spike will not appear at events that may be reasonably construed as advancing a political agenda or the commercial interests of a business entity that is not a sponsor of Gonzaga Athletics (e.g., store grand opening, Young Republican rally). Also, Spike does not travel more than 50 miles for appearances.

Q: How far in advance should I submit an appearance request?
A: Appearance requests must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of your event; however, 4 weeks advanced notice is preferred. There is a chance, despite early submission, that the appearance request may not be fulfilled.

Q: Is there a fee for Spike appearances?
A: An appearance fee may apply. Click here for more details.

Q: How far will Spike travel for an appearance?
Spike will travel up to 50 miles (from the Gonzaga University campus) for an appearance.

Q: Can I borrow the mascot costume for my event?
A: No. The Gonzaga Athletic Department does not loan mascot costumes. Only individuals authorized by the Athletic Department may wear the costume.

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