Gonzaga Student-Athletes Make The Grade

July 15, 2003

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - Gonzaga University had 124 student-athletes named to the West Coast Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll for the 2002-03 academic year.

The honor roll recognizes 755 WCC student-athletes that possess at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale and participated in one of the conference's 13 sponsored sports.

The Bulldogs had 19 student-athletes receive Gold Honors for a GPA of 3.75-4.0, 32 student-athletes in the Silver Honors category for a GPA of 3.5-3.74 and 73 student-athletes on the Bronze Honors list with a GPA of 3.0-3.49.

Gonzaga had five student-athletes with a GPA of 3.9 or higher for the year - women's cross country runner Jennifer Holstein with a 3.94 in accounting; men's golfer Anthony Buergel with a 3.93 GPA in accounting; women's cross country runner Jennifer Bachand with a 3.92 in an undeclared major; women's soccer player Laura Morin with a 3.92 GPA in math, and women's rower Kristi Aamodt with a 3.90 in public relations.

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the just-completed academic year.
2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.
3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (i.e. non pass-fail hours) per term.

The following are Gonzaga's honorees in the three categories - Gold Honors (3.75-4.0 GPA), Silver Honors (3.50-3.74 GPA) and Bronze Honors (3.0-3.49 GPA).

The sports abbreviations are: BAS-Baseball; MBB-Men's Basketball; WBB-Women's Basketball; WVB-Volleyball; MSO-Men's Soccer; WSO-Women's Soccer; MTE-Men's Tennis; WTE-Women's Tennis; MGO-Men's Golf; WGO-Women's Golf; MXC-Men's Cross Country; WXC-Women's Cross Country; CRW-Crew.

GOLD HONORS - 4.00-3.75
Gonzaga Kristi Aamodt CRW Public Relations 3.90 Gonzaga Robert Anderson MSO Undeclared 3.75 Gonzaga Jennifer Bachand WXC Undeclared 3.92 Gonzaga Mark Bridenstine MXC Psychology 3.84 Gonzaga Anthony Buergel MGO Accounting 3.93 Gonzaga Christina Davis WVB Engineering 3.78 Gonzaga Carrie Gibson WXC Civil Engineering 3.89 Gonzaga Kim Gibson WXC Exercise Science 3.81 Gonzaga John Gonzalez BAS Physical Education 3.80 Gonzaga Andrea Genord CRW Business 3.76 Gonzaga Catherine Hall WXC Journalism 3.78 Gonzaga Jennifer Holstein WXC Accounting 3.94 Gonzaga Joe Manning MXC Journalism 3.80 Gonzaga Laura Morin WSO Math 3.92 Gonzaga Katie Rock WTE International Relations 3.77 Gonzaga Eric Rodland BAS Mechanical Engineering 3.76 Gonzaga Cynthia Savoca CRW Sociology 3.75 Gonzaga Aaryn Volkmann WTE Exercise Science 3.80 Gonzaga Claire Whitfield WSO Biology 3.75

SILVER HONORS - 3.74-3.50
Gonzaga Nicole Beck WXC Civil Engineering 3.56 Gonzaga Scott Bertram MSO Accounting 3.58 Gonzaga Anne Bickelhaupt WBB History 3.54 Gonzaga Megan Black WSO Special Education 3.60 Gonzaga Marshall Bratton BAS Accounting 3.60 Gonzaga Jackson Brennan BAS Business 3.54 Gonzaga Emily Buck WXC Exercise Science 3.51 Gonzaga Sam Burch MXC Civil Engineering 3.73 Gonzaga Elizabeth Campbell WGO Exercise Science 3.70 Gonzaga Courtney Carlsen WSO Exercise Science 3.63 Gonzaga Bryce Cooper MTE Accounting 3.52 Gonzaga Patrick Donovan BAS Undeclared 3.59 Gonzaga Mary Finnerty WVB Psychology 3.67 Gonzaga Naomi Gilna WXC English 3.72 Gonzaga Ashley Haugen WSO Undeclared 3.52 Gonzaga Jessica Hermens WXC International Relations 3.73 Gonzaga David Hill MGO Psychology 3.58 Gonzaga Cathy Knutson WGO Accounting 3.54 Gonzaga Andrew Livingston MTE Accounting 3.71 Gonzaga Eric Mendoza MXC History 3.70 Gonzaga Brian Michaelson MBB Business 3.57 Gonzaga Jenny Mills WSO Business 3.58 Gonzaga Leigh Orne WTE History 3.52 Gonzaga Christina Paal WXC Biology 3.52 Gonzaga Kelsey Posedel WGO Marketing 3.57 Gonzaga Brittany Price CRW Business 3.51 Gonzaga Connor Quinn MSO Biology 3.71 Gonzaga Katie Sanders WTE Exercise Science 3.52 Gonzaga Ashley Shearer WBB Political Science 3.59 Gonzaga Christine Siddell WGO Business 3.70 Gonzaga Joe Smith MSO Marketing 3.56 Gonzaga Nate WilliaMSO BAS Mechanical Engineering 3.51

BRONZE HONORS - 3.49-3.00
Gonzaga Triana Allen WBB Criminal Justice 3.04 Gonzaga Ryan Anderson MXC Civil Engineering 3.44 Gonzaga Lauren Armas WVB Business 3.11 Gonzaga Kari Arnason MSO Undeclared 3.38 Gonzaga Reid Arthur MTE Undeclared 3.22 Gonzaga Nick Ascolese MSO Psychology 3.14 Gonzaga Stephanie Bacon CRW Business 3.16 Gonzaga Kyle Bankhead MBB Sports Management 3.27 Gonzaga Kendall Bates WTE Business 3.00 Gonzaga Jon Baune MSO Civil Engineering 3.24 Gonzaga Eric Berge MXC Biology 3.35 Gonzaga Tryggvi Bjornsson MSO Finance 3.34 Gonzaga Elizabeth Brands WXC Political Science 3.46 Gonzaga Cheyenne Brown WBB Psychology 3.23 Gonzaga Ashley Burke WBB Pre-Law 3.13 Gonzaga Ed Clelland BAS Applied Communications 3.12 Gonzaga Trevoe Conrad MSO Business 3.10 Gonzaga Brendan Cunningham MTE Biology 3.40 Gonzaga Daphne Dagsaan CRW Business 3.25 Gonzaga Justin Dorn MSO Exercise Science 3.17 Gonzaga Eric Everson BAS Criminal Justice 3.05 Gonzaga Molly Follen WXC Nursing 3.32 Gonzaga Richard Fox MBB Broadcast Studies 3.08 Gonzaga Joan Goodman CRW Biology 3.23 Gonzaga Courtney Haase CRW Psychology 3.09 Gonzaga David Hannon MXC English 3.28 Gonzaga Natalie Hardin WSO Physical Education 3.35 Gonzaga Annie Hawkins WSO Psychology 3.19 Gonzaga Sarah Hawkins WSO Pre-Med 3.14 Gonzaga Melissa Hayes CRW Psychology 3.10 Gonzaga Katherine Herman WBB Undeclared 3.08 Gonzaga Mike Herzog MSO Sports Management 3.26 Gonzaga Katie Hewitt WSO Nursing 3.29 Gonzaga Renee Holl CRW Exercise Science 3.49 Gonzaga Heidi Jacobson WSO Special Education 3.36 Gonzaga Richard Koelsch MTE Mechanical Engineering 3.11 Gonzaga Natasha Kozen WVB Psychology 3.21 Gonzaga Rudy Lauth MXC Mechanical Engineering 3.33 Gonzaga Delphine Lecoultre WBB Spanish 3.43 Gonzaga Walker Loseno WSO Art 3.07 Gonzaga Patrick Malloy MGO Business 3.12 Gonzaga Larisa Manuel WXC Business 3.00 Gonzaga Shannon Mathews WBB Undeclared 3.41 Gonzaga Mike McCarthy MSO Finance 3.21 Gonzaga Shea Mertens WXC Biology 3.13 Gonzaga Scott Montgomery MXC Business 3.00 Gonzaga Matt Munroe MGO Business 3.28 Gonzaga Christy Musser WSO Undeclared 3.44 Gonzaga Breah Niemiec CRW Human Resource Mgmt. 3.07 Gonzaga Katie O'Brien WSO Sports Management 3.11 Gonzaga Karen O?Hagan CRW Engineering 3.45 Gonzaga Robert Penney MTE Exercise Science 3.00 Gonzaga Erin Picht WGO Business 3.02 Gonzaga Arni Pjetursson MSO Finance 3.29 Gonzaga Katie Prichard WBB Undeclared 3.01 Gonzaga Heidi Safadago WSO Business 3.05 Gonzaga Stacey Sarro WSO Exercise Science 3.40 Gonzaga Jamie Schiel WXC Pre-Med 3.33 Gonzaga Julie Schroeder WSO Sports Management 3.45 Gonzaga Jill Semenza WXC Biology 3.26 Gonzaga Courtney Serpa CRW Philosophy 3.36 Gonzaga Ellen Shaw WGO Psychology 3.49 Gonzaga Kate Siddell WGO Finance 3.44 Gonzaga Ben Sloniker MXC Biology 3.39 Gonzaga Blake Stepp MBB Supply Chain Management 3.14 Gonzaga Grayson Tenney MSO Undeclared 3.43 Gonzaga Bridget Troy CRW Economics 3.42 Gonzaga Kari Vagstad WVB Biology 3.30 Gonzaga Sarah Valenti CRW Political Science 3.17 Gonzaga Cory Violette MBB Finance 3.09 Gonzaga Kris White BAS Finance 3.43 Gonzaga Shaun Whitney MTE Biology 3.41 Gonzaga Katie Zimmer WSO Biology 3.40
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