GU Student-Athletes Earn WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Gonzaga University student-athletes once again stood out in the classroom as 195 Bulldogs were named to the 2013 West Coast Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll. The list recognizes student-athletes who balance athletic success with academic excellence and have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

For the second-consecutive year, over 1,000 WCC student-athletes garnered honors on the Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

The Bulldogs had 29 student-athletes receive Gold status (4.00-3.75 GPA), led by men’s basketball player Kelly Olynyk (accounting; 4.00 GPA) and men’s cross country runner Andrew Walker (Masters of Education; 4.00 GPA). Gonzaga accounted for 45 Silver recipients (3.74-3.50 GPA) and 121 Bronze accolades (3.49-3.00 GPA).

Commissioner's Honor Roll Criteria

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

Gold Honors
Becca Barad (Cross Country, Jr., Environmental Science, 3.89)
Drew Barham (Men's Basketball, Jr., Masters of Organizational Leadership, 3.75)
Alyssa Bashor (Rowing, Fr., Undeclared, 3.94)
Erin Bergmann (Cross Country, So., Undeclared, 3.77)
Naseeb Bhangal (Rowing, Jr., Psychology, 3.83)
Chris Boyle (Cross Country, Sr., Masters of Education, 3.88)
Laura Brasch (Rowing, So., Sports Management, 3.83)
Regan Casey (Cross Country, So., Business, 3.85)
Lindsey Drake (Cross Country, Sr., Biology, 3.75)
Kylie Edinger (Volleyball, Sr., Human Physiology, 3.89)
Alison Fraher (Cross Country, So., Mechanical Engineering, 3.77)
Levin Guillermo (Men's Tennis, Sr., Civil Engineering, 3.96)
Michael Hart (Men's Basketball, Sr., MBA, 3.78)
Olivier Jamin (Men's Tennis, Sr., Political Science, 3.77)
Lauren Joseph (Volleyball, Fr., Engineering, 3.76)
Tori Lee (Women's Soccer, So., Undeclared, 3.88)
Malori McGill (Rowing, Jr., Business, 3.77)
Willie Milam (Cross Country, Jr., Business, 3.78)
Alvaro Nazal (Men's Tennis, So., Business, 3.89)
Ali Ohashi (Women's Soccer, Jr., Psychology, 3.86)
Kelly Olynyk (Men's Basketball, Sr., Accounting, 4.00)
Ari Pall Isberg (Men's Soccer, Fr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.81)
Kylie Peek (Women's Tennis, So., Public Relations, 3.87)
Elizabeth Ryan (Cross Country, So., Accounting, 3.77)
Britta Stime (Women's Tennis, Sr., International Studies, 3.81)
Alexandra Tallas (Women's Tennis, So., Sociology, 3.77)
Andrew Walker (Cross Country, Sr., Masters of Education, 4.00)
Jennifer Wheeler (Cross Country, Jr., Human Physiology, 3.87)
Melanie Yates (Women's Tennis, Fr., Biology, 3.90)

Silver Honors
Sarah Anderson (Cross Country, Fr., Human Physiology, 3.59)
Sarah Atkins (Rowing, Jr., Nursing, 3.65)
Megan Batty (Cross Country, So., Biology, 3.58)
Devyn Bell (Rowing, Fr., Human Physiology, 3.60)
Krista Beyer (Cross Country, So., Civil Engineering, 3.74)
Brian Bhaskar (Men's Basketball, Jr., Biology, 3.53)
Casey Burt (Rowing, So., Mechanical Engineering, 3.67)
Brendan Connolly (Men's Golf, So., Accounting, 3.53)
Matthew Crichlow (Cross Country, So., Undeclared, 3.54)
Angela De Villa (Women's Golf, Fr., Biology, 3.50)
Sandy Dennett (Women's Tennis, So., Undeclared, 3.61)
Genavive 'Genna' Dodge (Women's Golf, Sr., Business, 3.64)
Emily Eckmann (Women's Soccer, Jr., Human Physiology, 3.63)
Brent Felnagle (Cross Country, Jr., Psychology, 3.61)
Annelie Fjortoft (Cross Country, Masters of Education, 3.65)
Travis Forbes (Baseball, Sr., Accounting, 3.63)
Mary Haffner (Rowing, So., Undeclared, 3.61)
Eleanor Hammond (Rowing, Fr., Undeclared, 3.74)
Cricket Harber (Women's Soccer, So., Business, 3.56)
Muzeen Ismath (Men's Tennis, Jr., Biology, 3.63)
Heather Johnson (Women's Soccer, Fr., Undeclared, 3.69)
Madison Keaty (Rowing, Jr., Sports Management, 3.74)
Joe LaMontagne (Cross Country, Sr., Political Science, 3.62)
Ben Lance (Cross Country, Sr., Business, 3.50)
Chris Lowrimore (Men's Soccer, So., Human Physiology, 3.72)
Danny Lunder (Cross Country, Fr., Business, 3.53)
Morgan Manchester (Women's Soccer, Sr., Biology, 3.56)
Jamee Mason (Rowing, So., Public Relations, 3.71)
James Matern (Men's Soccer, Sr., Math, 3.67)
Vladimir Mijatovic (Men's Tennis, So., Business, 3.56)
Katey Pennington (Women's, Soccer, So., Nursing, 3.73)
Lily Rorick (Rowing, Fr., Undeclared, 3.57)
Katie Rutherford (Volleyball, Jr., Special Education, 3.59
Jordan Schroeder (Rowing, Jr., Biology, 3.52)
Danielle Simien (Women's Soccer, Jr., Psychology, 3.67)
Kelly Strader (Rowing, So., Accounting, 3.65)
Andy Thomas (Cross Country, So., Accounting, 3.65)
Emily Thomas (Cross Country, Sr., Human Physiology, 3.62)
Kelsey Tracy (Cross Country, So., Business, 3.58)
Lara Tuthill (Cross Country, So., Biology, 3.54)
Braden Van Deynze (Cross Country, So., Biology, 3.65)
Vicente Varas (Men's Tennis, Fr., Civil Engineering, 3.52)
Madeleine Verspieren (Rowing, Fr., Undeclared, 3.61)
Mengya Wang (Volleyball, Sr., Business, 3.66)
Kelly Williams (Cross Country, So., Art, 3.71)

Bronze Honors
Zach Abbruzza (Baseball, So., Und. Business, 3.33)
Keani Albanez (Women's Basketball, So., Applied Communication, 3.12)
Emily Albrecht (Cross Country, Jr., Business, 3.00)
Casey Ames (Men's Soccer, Sr., Philosophy, 3.39)
Mikayla Anderson (Women's Soccer, So., Biochemistry, 3.18)
Blair Ballard (Rowing, So., Math, 3.01)
Alicia Berggren (Women's Soccer, Sr., Psychology, 3.30)
Jessica Bennett (Women's Soccer, Fr., Psychology, 3.09)
Becca Benoit (Rowing, So., Biology, 3.21)
Margaret Berry (Rowing, So., International Studies, 3.25)
David Bigelow (Baseball, Jr., Accounting, 3.48)
Taurie Bjerken (Women's Tennis, Sr., Business, 3.20)
Meghan Blanchet (Cross Country, Jr., Math, 3.49)
Savannah Blinn (Volleyball, So., Special Education, 3.02)
Alex Bonczyk (Baseball, Sr., Sociology, 3.34)
Beau Bozett (Baseball, Fr., Undeclared, 3.00)
Susan Brown (Women's Soccer, Sr., Sport Management, 3.29)
Ben Brown (Baseball, So., Accounting, 3.23)
Ryan Caballero (Men's Soccer, Sr., History, 3.20)
Derek Callahan (Baseball, Jr., Sport Management, 3.30)
Hanley Caras (Women's Tennis, Jr., Nursing, 3.26)
Megan Carroll (Rowing, Fr., Undeclared, 3.35)
Greg Carter (Men's Soccer, Jr., Civil Engineering, 3.17)
Payden Cawley Lamb (Baseball, Jr., Sport Management, 3.05)
Shelby Cheslek (Women's Basketball, So., Business, 3.44)
Lexi Clark (Women's Soccer, Fr., Human Physiology, 3.34)
Alec Cutter (Men's Soccer, Jr., Physical Education, 3.05)
Kareena Dahl (Rowing Fr., Undeclared, 3.35)
Cierra Dauenhauer (Rowing, Fr., Biochemistry, 3.20)
Jordan Davies (Rowing, Jr., Political Science, 3.33)
Shelly Davis (Cross Country, Jr., Psychology, 3.36)
Megan Dennison (Rowing, Fr., Und. Business, 3.41)
Emma Dolcetti (Women's Soccer, Sr., Psychology, 3.39)
Keane Ellis (Men's Soccer, Jr., Business, 3.48)
Amelia Evans (Cross Country, Fr., Biology, 3.15)
James Fahy (Men's Golf, Jr., Accounting, 3.05)
Victoria Fallgren (Women's Golf, Sr., Classical Civilizations, 3.44)
Ned Fischer (Cross Country, Jr., Biology, 3.33)
Alexa Foley (Cross Country, Jr., Nursing, 3.49)
Alex Foote (Cross Country, So., Electrical Engineering, 3.07)
Anthony Galvan (Cross Country, Sr., Business, 3.46)
Ian Goldizen (Cross Country, Fr., Und. Business, 3.29)
Marco Gonzales (Baseball, Jr., Sport Management, 3.33)
Jared Gregorio (Cross Country, Sr., Political Science, 3.06)
Sunny Greinacher (Women's Basketball, So., Psychology, 3.37)
Mitchell Gunsolus (Baseball, So., Und. Business, 3.36)
Steven Halcomb (Baseball, Sr., Civil Engineering, 3.45)
Zach Hamer (Men's Soccer, So., Human Physiology, 3.07)
Kelsey Jess (Cross Country, Fr., Physical Education, 3.04)
Travis Johnsen (Men's Golf, Sr., Business, 3.00)
Taylor Jones (Baseball, Fr., Applied Communication, 3.22)
Maggie Jones (Cross Country, So., Environmental Science, 3.19)
Przemek Karnowski (Men's Basketball, Fr., Und. Business, 3.37)
Taelor Karr (Women's Basketball, Sr., Business, 3.08)
Tate Kelly (Cross Country, Sr., Business, 3.16)
Alice Kim (Women's Golf, So., Sport Management, 3.43)
Tai Jade 'TJ' Kliebphipat (Women's Golf, Jr., Business, 3.07)
Isabell Klingert (Women's Tennis, Fr., Math, 3.19)
Franziska Koehler (Women's Tennis, Fr., Psychology, 3.29)
Kiara Kudron (Women's Basketball, Fr., Physical Education, 3.03)
Cory LeBrun (Baseball, So., Sport Management, 3.22)
Becca Lentz (Women's Soccer, Fr., Criminal Justice, 3.02)
Nikolai Littleton (Men's Soccer, Fr., Sport Management, 3.00)
Lars Ludwigs (Men's Soccer, So., Business, 3.07)
Lauren Luke (Women's Soccer, Fr., Undeclared, 3.22)
Anna Lund (Women's Soccer, Sr., Accounting, 3.31)
Conor McCandless (Cross Country, Fr., Undeclared, 3.20)
Jordan McCann (Cross Country, Jr., Psychology, 3.21)
Christy Mentele (Rowing, Sr., Political Science, 3.30)
Sarah Milburn (Rowing, Sr., Special Education, 3.24)
Taylor Mills (Rowing, Fr., Biology, 3.32)
Shelby Mills (Cross Country, Fr., Biology, 3.22)
Nicholas Minteer (Baseball, Fr., Undeclared, 3.28)
Billy Moon (Baseball, Sr., Accounting, 3.34)
Stephanie Moore (Cross Country, Jr., Human Physiology, 3.18)
Michael Morgan (Cross Country, Sr., Accounting, 3.20)
Pablo Mosquera Perez (Men's Tennis, Jr., Journalism, 3.41)
Karl Myers (Baseball, Sr., Physical Education, 3.45)
Kellyn Nelson (Women's Soccer, Fr., Human Physiology, 3.29)
Allie Nichols (Cross Country, Fr., Civil Engineering, 3.31)
Erik Nielsen (Men's Soccer, Sr., Engineering, 3.29)
Shaniqua Nilles (Women's Basketball, So., Und. Business, 3.44)
Haley Nordin (Cross Country, So., Business, 3.41)
Anna Olson (Rowing, Jr., Computer Science, 3.23)
Andrew Owenson (Men's Soccer, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.41)
Nate Pacheco (Men's Soccer, So., Und. Business, 3.33)
Haiden Palmer (Women's Basketball, Jr., Sport Management, 3.04)
Kevin Pangos (Men's Basketball, So., Physical Education, 3.04)
Derek Peterson (Baseball, Jr., Sport Management, 3.26)
Clark Phillips (Men's Soccer, So., Business, 3.48)
Andy Phillips (Cross Country, Jr., Human Physiology, 3.23)
Josh Phillips (Men's Soccer, Jr., Business, 3.05)
Terran Poindexter (Volleyball, Sr., Psychology, 3.27)
Samantha Polayes (Women's Tennis, Fr., Und. Business, 3.11)
Christine Powers (Rowing, Sr., Biology, 3.24)
Jazmine Redmon (Women's Basketball, Jr., Physical Education, 3.16)
Patrick Richie (Cross Country, Sr., Business, 3.24)
Hailey Rousseau (Rowing, Fr., Psychology, 3.20)
Kasey Rubosky (Women's Soccer, So., Physical Education, 3.12)
Erin Russell (Rowing, So., Nursing, 3.15)
Raychelle Santos (Women's Golf, Fr., Business, 3.20)
Jack Schoebel (Men's Tennis, Jr., Business, 3.18)
Kenny Smith (Baseball, Sr., Sport Management, 3.33)
Kara Soucek (Rowing, Fr., Biology, 3.04)
Ingrid Stansberry (Rowing, Fr., Civil Engineering, 3.40)
Ben Stout (Cross Country, Fr., Psychology, 3.04)
Kalistina Takau (Volleyball, So., Applied Communication, 3.03)
Catherine Theobald (Cross Country, Jr., Special Education, 3.15)
Elle Tinkle (Women's Basketball, Fr., Nursing, 3.41)
Jordan Travis (Women's Soccer, So., Human Physiology, 3.24)
Jamyson Tritch (Rowing, Fr., Nursing, 3.25)
Zoe Urcadez (Cross Country, Fr., Biology, 3.16)
Jaime Van Lith (Cross Country, Sr., Nursing, 3.39)
Robert Walgren (Cross Country, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.13)
Sean Walsh (Men's Golf, Fr., Business, 3.20)
Wendy Wigg (Women's Crew, Jr., Accounting, 3.08)
Ross Wiggins (Cross Country, Fr., International Relations, 3.38)
Meghan Winters (Women's Basketball, Sr., Public Relations, 3.12)
Rachel Wright (Rowing, Sr., Sport Management, 3.10)
Han Wu (Women's Golf, So., Public Relations, 3.06)
Alison Young (Rowing, Fr., Physical Education, 3.11)

Full WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll
4.00-3.75 – Gold Honors
3.74-3.50 – Silver Honors
3.49-3.00 – Bronze Honors 

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