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Campus Departments who wish to produce an item bearing the trademarks of Gonzaga University or other University-related word mark or symbol, must first obtain permission from the Office of Trademark & Licensing. Any Gonzaga University recognized department or organization wishing to order products bearing any Gonzaga University Trademarks must follow the licensing approval process outlined below. This process is in place to adhere to University Brand Guidelines and are reproduced in a responsible way. Any requests to use marks/logos that deviate from University Brand Guidelines must be further reviewed including potential appraisal by the Office of Trademark & Licensing. Please allow up to one week for a response to your request. To obtain licensing approval, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a current Gonzaga approved licensee to Produce Your Product from the Approved Product Licensees. If the item is not available to order please contact the Department of Trademark & Licensing, licensing@gonzaga.edu, to assist in finding a vendor for the order.

    If you need assistance identifying a current GU licensee to produce your product, please click here to search by product and institution. You will need to cross reference the formulated list with the list above to ensure that company is an approved Internal Campus Supplier for Gonzaga University.

  2. Design your product. Please refer to the University Logo Guidelines when designing the product. Submit artwork to the Office of Trademarks & Licensing for approval, licensing@gonzaga.edu

  3. All orders purchased using University funds require a purchase order from the Purchasing Department before proceeding with the order.

The Office of Trademark & Licensing, in conjunction with Marketing & Communications supports departments wishing to gather and form a community utilizing the University's branding. At Gonzaga University, all recognized departments and organizations are responsible for understanding and adhering to applicable governing policies and principles.

Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ's page.

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