Charitable Requests

Gonzaga University Athletic Department Policy and Procedures Regarding Autographs

2016-17 autographed basketballs are sold out. Please check back in mid-June for 2017-18 autographed basketballs.

1. The Gonzaga Athletic Department will have a limited number of autographed basketballs signed by the Men's Basketball team for the purpose of donating to charity auctions (non-profit entities) within the Spokane metro-area and the state of Washington.

a) ALL requests must be made on organizational letterhead. Once the request is received, the Autograph Request Form must be completed by the organization seeking the autographed basketball and returned to the Gonzaga Compliance Department along with a check for $50 to cover the cost of the ball. This form includes Guidelines for Autographed Items and the NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities.

b) All request forms must be received by the Gonzaga Compliance Department three weeks prior to the event.

c) Receipt of the Autograph Request Form and check does not guarantee the organization will receive an autographed ball, as we have a limited number of balls each year.

d) If the autographed basketball or the proceeds of the auction are going to benefit high-school age students or student groups, we cannot help. These students are potential student-athletes and therefore, it is a NCAA violation for us to donate to these fundraisers.

e) These basketballs may not be resold in any fashion except for fund-raising by a non-profit, charitable, or educational organization. NCAA rules do not allow autographs or autographed items to be used in any high school fund-raising activity. Your purchase constitutes your acceptance of these conditions.

f) We limit our donations to local/state/regional requests. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help every organization that requests an autographed ball.

g) Only one autographed ball per organization per year will be provided. Receipt of an autographed ball in previous years does not guarantee subsequent donations.

h) Gonzaga Athletics will not consider a donation of an autographed basketball to a for-profit corporate entity as this rule is strictly enforced and governed by the NCAA. Gonzaga Athletics is also prohibited from providing any item to a charitable organization/event that is sponsored or cosponsored by a commercial entity.

2. Gonzaga University Athletic Department is not able to accept PERSONAL items or requests (through mail, email, phone request, or a visit to the athletic department), such as a T-shirt, ball, magazine, letter, etc. to be autographed by members of the team or coaching staff. Due to the volume and frequency of requests, and specific NCAA regulations Gonzaga athletics cannot accept items to be autographed. Any item received by the Athletic department (via mail or hand-delivery) will be returned unsigned.

All autographed basketball donations internal and external must be accompanied by the Autograph Request Form and Guidelines for Autographed Items. This is a NCAA compliance and institutional control issue and it is our responsibility to monitor this process.

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