Postgame Quotes

March 16, 2001

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Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few:

"I thought it was a whale of a basketball game. Two teams slugging it out down the stretch. I don't think you could ask for anything more as a fan."

"I give a tremendous amount of credit to Virginia. We were fortunate to be able to hang on and win tonight. We beat a very, very good basketball team."

"It was a great game and I couldn't be prouder of our guys and in the way they won it."

Commenting on last few seconds of game:
"I agree with what Casey said. It's a terrifying situation to be in. You're worried about not fouling and you have a tremendous player coming at you (Roger Mason, Jr.) with the ball and time running out, and he has 30 at that point. We made him take a tough shot. He's taken tough shots during games before, Fortunately it went our way but it could have easily gone Virginia's way and they were deserving to win also."

"We wanted to make him take a tough shot and he didn't hit it. We were real lucky they didn't tip it in."

"Down the stretch Zach has had some nice games for us. He's a very, very adept scorer down low. He's got good hands and scoring comes easy to him. He was able to deliver and he was also able to put a lot of foul pressure on Watson."

"We were able to keep Watson out of the game some, because he is a load."

Responding to the question of whether this win was an upset: "It wasn't an upset in my mind. It is a feather in our cap because we beat a great basketball team tonight." . . . . "We've proven we are a very good basketball team."

"What's very typical of this team is that they listen very well and they went out and executed exactly what we wanted to do."

"We pretty much have (comraderie) between all our guys. The other thing we've had at Gonzaga for the last 9 years is tremendous chemistry. The one thing I was worried about going into this year was we had a bunch of new guys...this might be as close a team as we've had.....They genuinely enjoy each other's company off the floor, in class, and when we travel."



Quotes from Gonzaga players Casey Calvery and Dan Dickau:

Dan were you concerned about putting the shot up to early?

Dickau - "My whole mindframe was bringing the ball down the court and was to get down the lane and put up the shot. I was going to make it or knew this guy (Casey Calvery) was going to pick up the scraps and put it in.Quinon Hall missed a layup and big fellow over here tipped it in and that started our run. "'Thanks Casey"'

In that last sequence what was going through your mind?

Calvery - "I don't know where I was or where Dan was. He was bringing the ball up and was going to dish or put up the shot. That was what we talked about in the huddle and the ball bounced off the glass and right to me and I put it in.

Casey was this considered an upset? It will be reported as one.

Calvery - "I think this was an upset. Virginia comes in with a great team and they are in a great league. They do have alot of talented players also. I think we are a great basketball team.

Dan what did Virginia do to slow you down in the second half?

Dickau - "In the second half they tried to limit my touches. Especially bringing the ball up in the backcourt. I didn't get as many open looks in the second half. They were switching out better on the screens.

Every time they made a run you seemed to answer theirs?

Dickau - "That is the character of this team. We are a bunch of tough guys and never want to quit and give up. Obviously that showed tonight.

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