Saturday Press Conference Quotes

March 17, 2001

MEMPHIS - Head Coach Mark Few, Gonzaga University - Opening Statement
"We live to play again. The tournament is all about surviving and moving on. We have survived a tough Virginia team's onslaught down the stretch of our last game. True to the character of this team, we scratched and clawed and created our own opportunities. During the last six weeks of our season we have been making things happen and they may not be the things I have drawn up in my play book. Now we turn around and maybe face ourselves in the mirror. Indiana State is a very skilled team. The way they came back on Oklahoma. They're difficult to defend on the half court and they're very well coached. I think they have approached this tournament much like we have, with a chip on their shoulder and out to prove that they have a lot better program than people think that they have."

Did your team bring the white jerseys and are you superstitious about wearing them for the first time in the NCAA tournament?
"I was worried we didn't have them with us! I talked to our managers as soon as the game ended last night and he said that we did bring our white jerseys with us. We're not worried about wearing them in the tournament. When you look at the last ten years of our program, we have put together quite an impressive record in those white jerseys. I'm glad we have the luxury of getting to wear them in the NCAA tournament."

It appeared that Virginia may have committed an inbounding violation at the end of yesterday's game. Did you see it and were you prepared to bring it up with the officials?
"I did not see the violation but it seems like everyone else who saw it on television did right down to the waiters we had at dinner last night. Obviously there are some astute basketball people out there watching at home. But I was so intent on getting everyone on our team back to give us the numbers on the court because I knew that they would do in that situation. We knew they would bring the ball up the court in a hurry and I wanted everyone on Gonzaga's team on defense. I think that there might have been some concern and a legitimate argument if that basket would have gone in."



Compare your conference to the more major conferences or those which get more media attention.
"I don't give it a lot of thought and I don't get into generalizations. I don't think there really is a power conference in basketball. Maybe in football with the BCS or something but not in basketball. Based on the past three years of Gonzaga basketball we have proven ourselves to be a premiere basketball school. Dan Dickau and Casey Calvery are the type of players who could play anywhere if you ask me. There are skilled players in every conference but you have to look at each individual school to judge for sure."

What is the tension level on playing Indiana State after their first NCAA tournament win in 22 years?
"We have so many new kids that even with our team there is a level of giddiness. The older guys are here and ready to play. This team has done a great job of being able to enjoy themselves this tournament. I think it's great that they can come in here and enjoy themselves for a few hours and then put it all behind them and get ready to play."

Indiana State is coached by a Bob Knight disciple. Do you see that in ISU's style of play?
"I see Indiana's motion and great fundamentals. They do a good job of executing. Their kids play hard. I definitely see the Indiana style of hard-nosed defense. They're definitely similar but I don't know if that's Bobby Knight or not. This is Coach Waltman's team so I would say that the traits you see are characteristics of his team, not Knight's."

Gonzaga Player quotes -

How are you taking an approach to this game -

Casey Calvary - "We are going into this game just like we do all our games. Their team is good and we are excited to play them. We are taking the the same approach. They have some good talent and they run their offensese well but we are going to do the best we can so we can advance.

What do you know about Indiana State's point guard Michael Menser?

Dan Dickau - "Menser is a great point guard. He is a great shooter coming off the dribble and off screens. He has the ball in his hands quite a bit and can do alot with it. We heard he led the country in assist to turnover ratio. That is a great statistic. We have to control his penetration and cannot allow Menser to many good looks."

Different word you can descibe Gonzaga rather than a Cinderella story -

Dan Dickau - "Damn Good Team"

Would you say you have been a constant on this team -

Casey Calvary - "It is a challenge every year to get to the tournament. I have been here every year but my role has changed as I have gotten older. Our offense has changed but getting here is a uphill battle.

How has the fan support been and their reaction so far in the tournament

Dan Dickau - "It has been great. Just talking to my parents there has been alot of support here in Memphis and of course Spokane.

What does Casey mean to your team?

Dan Dickau - He affects the whole program and works harder than everyone. His leadership is huge both on and off the floor. He sets the tone for everything we do.

Difference between the big conferences and smaller conferences?

Dan Dickau - "If you take maybe the top two players in the bigger conference and match them with the top two players in another conference the players in the big conference are better. Sometimes the players that have more athleticism they may miss out and some fundamentals. We understand things and learn the little things about the game. If you as a player do not get better by the time you are a senior it is your fault. The coaches want you to reach your potential but you have to also."

Zach Gourde - "Dickau and Calvary are a good cross-section of our team. They are very articulate both on and off the floor and represent our team well."

Indiana State Quotes

Indiana State Head Coach Royce Waltman

"The things we've said to our kids all year, the kind of team we've put together, the expecdtations that we've built, that's all been taken care of. If we've done a good enough job of that, they intend to go farther, or they're satisfied."

Commenting on Gonzaga:
"They're very difficult and the biggest difficulty is the inside-outside game. Clearly all the teams in the tourney are good but not all have that strong inside-outside weapon, so they'll be tough for us to defend. . . . They're a very confident team and have achieved so much over the years."

Commenting on NCAA RPI ranking:
"There are cases where a team in the Big 10 loses and their RPI goes up, and in the Missouri Valley, we win a game and our RPI goes down.. . . . There is a self-fulfilling prophecy in the way (the RPI) is set up. . . .I think it is a little bit skewed toward the high majors."

"Our four experienced guys, Menser, Renn, Block, and Geesen, they had goals to get into the tournament all along and win. I think they intend to try to win more than one game. Whether that rubs off on the yournger guys or not, we'll see, although I thought our freshmen accountged for themselves very well yesterday."

"Ever since we lost Geesen for the year it limited us in how we can play. . . now, since we're so thin inside, we just can't take a risk of foul trouble, so it's sory of handcuffed us into always playing small."

On what he told his players earlier:
"Every year, I'll guarantee you that it'll be March and you'll be sitting there looking at TV and it'll be Valparaiso or Gonzaga and there'll be someone who did it and at that time you'll say, "Why didn't we put a little more into it?" . . . Someone from our level will do it. . . why not make it us?"

"I think Dickau is the best point guard we will have faced this year. He's really good. He can score, he can get scoring from other people, he's fearless in the way he does things. And then their inside game, they always go to the basket. We haven't played anybody who's that aggressive on the perimeter and in the post."

Indiana State Player Quotes

Kelyn Clark
(On whether it was human nature to being thinking about advancing to the round of 16) - "Being from a smaller school in a big tournament, human nature takes over and you think that you are one win away from the Sweet Sixteen. But we know that we have to concentrate on Gonzaga."

(On yesterday's turnaround -- being injured and then coming back) "The biggest thing when I got hurt was a headache. My teeth were fine -- they were all over the place. When I got to the back (locker room) and sat down, the headache wore off and I wanted to go back and play and the doctor said that was fine."

(on what happened after the game with his teeth) "It wasn't too bad. I think that during the overtime, they called ahead and got the appointment set. So, when the game was over, I went to the dentist and they did three root canals."

Matt Renn
(On Gonzaga players saying that watching ISU on tape is like watching themselves.) "That's a pretty good compliment. They (Gonzaga) have really good guard play and good inside play. They run their offense really well and execute and we like to think that we try to do the same thing so a correlation would be there.

Mike Menser
(On his shot being off yesterday and how he approaches that heading into Sunday's game) "It is a new day. Yesterday, on my first couple of shots I was a little nervous with the tournament. That's all behind me now. I think that I will be fine tommorrow.

Matt Renn
(On Gonzaga's experience in the NCAA Tournament) "They are the more experienced team but we have to take the approach against them that we do against all the other teams we play. We have to come out with the attitude and confidence that we are going to get a win."

Matt Renn
(On Gonzaga's Casey Calvary and Gonzaga's inside players) "I haven't seen too much of him. I guess that over the past year, he has hit some winning shots. They have some big guys. They are a lot like the team we played yesterday. He (Calvary) is really skilled and I know that he was player of the year in their conference. He is going to be a load for us to handle."

Mike Menser
(On Gonzaga's Dan Dickau) "He is probably the best guard we have scouted. He does everything well on the break. He tries to get all the way to the bucket and if he doesn't get there, he is creating for his teammates. He uses the ball screen really well.

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