Postgame Quotes

March 18, 2001

Recap?|? Box Score

Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few

" We weathered a serious storm there. That score is definitely not indicitavle of this game. We beat a very good basketball team. My hat's off to Indiana State. They gave us everything we could handle."

". . .Cases made some big, bigtime plays and just basically tokk over the game."

"The one thing this group is, they're coachable and they know what it takes to win. When they do those things and rebound the ball like we did tonight, we're pretty good."

"We tried to direct the ball away from Menser and Renn and then Howard caught fire." . . . . "I thought we gave them too many uncontested shots tha first twenty minutes."

"We've got some great players who could play for anybody in the country and that's always going to be your biggest issue, and then what you see is what you get. That's a group that gets along very well and because of that we've got a great team.. . . . There's not a whole lot of egos there, but there obviously are very competitive, very high-character kids on this team that are winners."

"I wanted to try a diamond and two on Renn and when Howard started lighting it up, it was really kind of pointless to try that. So we had to go back to just our basic 10 defense, which is our man to man. . . . . but I thought our zone helped us in the second half. I think we kind of made our break a little bit when we were in the zone."

"I just think you throw out the seeds no matter if you're a 12 vs. 13 or a 12 vs. 4. I know we had to work every bit as hard for this win tonight as we did on Friday."

"I want Dan to play with a tremendous amount of freedom and Blake and all our players, but I thought we had some nice advantages inside and we were beginning to pin fouls on some of their better players. So I thought it was just a tad hectic right there, so I had to pull in the reins a little bit."

"Alex has been huge. We brought him in because we thought he could be kind of a different kind of scorer for us. . . .he's been big time in Memphis and he was a big key tonight."



"I was very disappointed in the seed they gave us. I think it's just a lack of knowing how good this team is, how good our conference is, and maybe how good the Missouri Valley is. It's silly to think that if we go 13-1 that we're not better than a fourth, fifth, or sixth or seventh place team out of one of the football school's leagues. It was bothersome down the stretch when we'd won 14 in a row and we dropped a tough one against a very good Santa Clara team and it got back to me that that was a devastating loss in the committee's eyes, and that's ridiculous!"

Gonzaga Players Quotes:

Dan Dickau - "I played a horrible first half. I didn't control the tempo like I should have. I made some passes that were not good in that particular situation. The guys said not to worry about and just go out and control the tempo in the second half. I tried to take advantage of some opportunities in the second half and they worked out.

Gonzaga was not an underdog in this game. Was that different for the team this time?

Casey Calvery - The AP and other people think we are an underdog but we go into every game thinking we have a chance to win. We have played in alot of tough places and we have gotten experience over the years. At the same time we respected their program and players and we were ready for a tough game.

With about 11:50 minutes to play Coach Few called a timeout to settle you down. What happen in the huddle.

Coach told me to settle down and in that situation it was not the best time to take that shot. It was a questionable shot because I took it so deep. Coach has given me alot of freedom this year and that always helps a player. We went to Casey more and more down the stretch because Indiana State was in foul trouble and Casey got some good looks and made some good moves. Casey went right at Renn one time because he had four fouls and Renn did not want to foul.

I pride myself on my rebounding also (5 rebounds vs. Indiana State)

Gonzaga has made the Sweet 16 three years in a row and talk about thaqt accomplishment

It says al ot about our program. We have had alot of good players in here and a great coaching staff that have done well recruiting and replacing our seniors with other talented players. We have had similar teams in our run but this team is probably our most talented. They have all been similar as far as team chemistry and us playing well together. I think this coaching staff will keep Gonzaga up here for a while. This team has won 19 of our last 20 games. Dan is always like a little brother and always has something to say. This team is full of winners. We expect to pull games out at the end and come through in crunch time and win.

Did you think it was your time to take control in the second half? Calvery - "No that is not Gonzaga basketball. I got some opportunities to score but we are looking for anyone on this team to step up. We are a team from top to bottom and not selfish as players.

Calvery - " The seeding does not really matter. Once you are in the tournament you are in. If you got a low seed you have to play some tough teams early on. We come to play and we have had some quality victories through the years.

Type of defense Indiana State was playing Gourde -"Initially they were doubling us very quickly. We had to throw the ball back out and then back inside"

Dickau - "We made some big plays down the stretch. The plays maybe were a little more spectacular than usual. We had to get baskets We had the crowd behind us also.

Calvery - "We have been watching `Beat Street' so we are used to making spin moves and stuff. Dickau - "I am a Dukes of Hazard boy. Look at the hair"

Gourde - "Dan and I have been playing together seven or eight years now. We have a comfort level with each other both on and off the court. We know where each other will be and what each other is thinking during the play."

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