Dan Dickau Chat Wrap

Jan. 29, 2002

Dan Dickau: (2:03 PM ET ) I am here and ready to go!!!

Jason (Milwaukee): Who would you say is the best team you have played this year? What about the best all-around individual as well?

Dan Dickau: (2:04 PM ET ) That's a tough one .. probably even though we weren't playing our best at the time, Illinois. We lost to Marquette also and they have fallen off a bit but they were playing really well when we faced them.

Chris (Columbus) : Dan , What was it like making it to the Sweet Sixteen last year?

Dan Dickau: (2:05 PM ET ) It was a great experience. It was a totally new team and I was able to step in and help out. It was something I will take pride in for the rest of my career. Anytime you can get that far is a great accomplishment.

Steve (Spokane): Dan, how are you and your team mates able to be students at a school like Gonzaga and still play such a demanding schedule?

Dan Dickau: (2:06 PM ET ) I think for any college athlete, you have to be able to manage your time really well. Whether you have to do things early or late, you find time to do everything.

John Westerfield (Glasgow,KY): Where do you see the Zags come tournament time?

Dan Dickau: (2:06 PM ET ) Tough question. We aren't talking about it right now, we are talking about catching up to Pepperdine because we are a game behind. We want to win the league first so we haven't looked at the Tourney at all.

Chuck: Hearing the comparisons of you to John Stockton fires me up! I have loved watching John play. You are also an exciting player to watch. What do you think about those comparisons?

Dan Dickau: (2:07 PM ET ) Anytime you are compared to the best point guard ever it is flattering. We are similar but very different as well. If I had the chance to play at the next level, I would need a game similar to his, he is so competitive.

Dave: Dan, what's the part of your game you're most focused on improving?

Dan Dickau: (2:08 PM ET ) I think my defense needs to keep improving. Offensively, my mid range game. I can shoot the 3 and finish and hit the 12-15 footer but sometimes I don't look to take all those shots. It's a mental approach thing really.

Shane (Spokane): What is the latest update on Winston Brooks? Will the Zags have him back for the post-season?

Dan Dickau: (2:09 PM ET ) I think he is going to the doctor today or sometime this week. Hopefully it's good news and we can get him back. Even if he gets the cast off he probably needs to get this strength back. He brings such great defense and I could move to the 2.

Bob (Spokane): Dan, was Pepperdine a "wake up call" and is the team more determined than ever to win out?

Dan Dickau: (2:11 PM ET ) I think that game, we didn't play our best game. Their gameplan was to attack us on the boards and we didn't get the job done in that area. I take some of the responsibility for not demanding more out of us during the game. It is a wakeup call. We have to win every game to stay with them because they will continue to win as well.

Jed (L.A.): The gossip around town is that you were recently engaged...who is the lucky girl and when is the big day?

Dan Dickau: (2:11 PM ET ) Yes, I am. I did it over Christmas break to my girlfriend Heather. We have dated off and on since high school and we are getting married this summer.

Chris: Other than your own team's film, what other college basketball team do you enjoy to watch the most?

Dan Dickau: (2:13 PM ET ) The team that I think is playing the best right now is Kansas. I watched the Missouri game last night and they looked pretty darn good. They have big guys who can score down low and step outside, their guards can penetrate and finish and they play great defense. Also Duke of course.

Jake : Dan, what's up with your "end-of-the-half" shots? Seems like you thrive on taking the last second shot and running off the court.

Dan Dickau: (2:14 PM ET ) It's just a shot I'm comfortable taking, they are fun. And I've been lucky to hit a few this year.

Jeff: Do you think you are better than last year?

Dan Dickau: (2:15 PM ET ) I don't think we can tell until the end of the year. We are a better rebounding team and we are more versatile. Their have been games where we haven't kept it up all game but our record is still good. You can't complain when you are 18-3.

Mike: What do you think your chances are at playing in the NBA?

Dan Dickau: (2:16 PM ET ) I would like to think they are good but I just want to have an opportunity. I'm focused on having the best college season I can and then the rest will work itself. Stockton told me not to worry about the future and if you are good enough they will find you.

Aaron (Anchorage): Dan, Do you like to take the first half of a game to see what is being offered by the defense and try to exploit that in the second half? It seems like you usually take most of your shots in the second half.

Dan Dickau: (2:17 PM ET ) A lot of times that is true. It seems we get into an offense early in the game and I try to get the inside game working and sometimes I start looking for my shot more later in the game. I wear down a lot of teams because I try to contiually move and be hard to guard.

Brian (Tacoma): Dan, who's taking over at the point next year at Gonzaga? I'm worried, because we have had you and Santangelo the past four years, and I do not know who is next.

Dan Dickau: (2:18 PM ET ) Winston Brooks and Blake with both play a lot of point next year and they both bring a lot to the table. Winston has improved a lot and another good offseason and he will be tough to deal with for the opposition. Blake is so aggressive and he really understands the game.

Brian (Seattle): Dan - I have heard thoughts that Gonzaga is thinking about building out the field house as the new home of the Kennel. Is their any truth? What are you thoughts about that?

Dan Dickau: (2:20 PM ET ) They have plans to build a new stadium where the baseball stadium is now. They are about halfway to raising the money they need to start building. If we do good again this year, the rest of that money will come in. They are looking to build a 6,000-7,000 seat arena.

Bob (Spokane): Dan, me again. What does this team have to do to avoid letdowns like the 2nd-halfs of the Santa Clara, San Diego and St. Mary's games? Thanks.

Dan Dickau: (2:22 PM ET ) I think it's just the mental approach. It's been good throughout the year but like you said, we have letdown a little bit. We have to know we are a big game for other teams and they want to knock us off. We have to understand that even more to catch up with Pepperdine.

Thanks for the questions. We'll continue to keep doing our best and I hope you all join us now instead of jumping on the bandwagon later!! Take care everyone!



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