Bulldogs And Cavaliers Ready To Battle

March 16, 2001

MEMPHIS - Quotes from Gonzaga and Virginia from Pre-Tournament Press Conference:

Head Coach Mark Few, Gonzaga University - Opening Statement
"It's exciting to be back in the NCAA Tournament. I'm especially excited for some of our younger guys to have this opportunity. The team has been rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. Virginia is well coached and is a very athletic team."

What is the importance of Dan Dickau?
"Well, with Dan we have 18 or 19 wins and only one loss. Without him we are 5 and 4. I would say he is a vital part of our team."

Do you feel like there is the potential for another Cindarella story or do you even think that there are Cindarellas in the tournament anymore?"
"I think that there are teams that don't get as much recognition but recently the teams that are doing well get more media attention. I wouldn't say that Gonzaga is a mid-competitive team. You may call us a mid-competitive conference and you may call me a mid-competitive coach but I certainly wouldn't call this team a mid-comptitive one. This is a top-notch team."

Dan Dickau, Guard, JR, Gonzaga University - Opening Statement
"I think tomorrow's game will be an interesting match-up. Obviously they are from a power conference (ACC) and everybody has seen them throughout the year on television. We're in one of the smaller conferences. I know a lot of people on the east coast probably haven't seen us. But I think we match up well. They're a team that likes to get out and pressure the ball. They also rebound the very well. But we rebound well as well. So obviously controlling the glass will be one of he keys to the game."

Gonzaga has won 18 of their last 19 games while Virginia has dropped their last two. Are they tipe for picking off?
"It doesn't matter to us. I think in the season they were playing for seeding maybe. But now they might have something to prove. I don't think they're overlooking us and obviously there's not much chance that we will overlook them."

Casey Calvary, Forward, SR, Gonzaga University

Does media recognition put more pressure on your team in this year's tournament?"
"I think the people in America are definitely more aware of us than in year's past. People aren't just looking past us. They're actually expecting us to do things. We won't be able to sneak up on other teams like we have been able to do in the past. At the same time, there are a lot of teams here on the east coast that haven't seen us play yet."

Pete Gillen, Head Coach, University of Virginia - Opening Statement
"We are extremely excited to be back in the NCAA Tournament. It's been a few years since Virginia has been to the tournament. We look forward to playing a very talented Gonzaga team. We have a high respect for them. Our guys feel that we play in the best league in the country in the ACC. The league has been great competition for us. Our players are excited to be here and I wished we play right now."

Do you consider Gonzaga a mid-major team?"
"If Gonzaga was in any conference in the country, they would still be an upper level team. We can't worry about what others say. They have talent above their league. They are well coached and they are a very good basketball team. Their league is better than most people think."

Has your past NCAA tournament experience helped prepare your team for the tournament?"
"I think it has helped. We know that we have to go out and play. No matter who we are playing, we know that we have to be ready to play. We feel that we are ready."

Who will you put on (Gonzaga center) Casey Calvary?"
"We will put different guys on him. One guy cannot guard him the whole time. We will have different people on him throughout the game."

How do you feel about playing Friday-Sunday?
"We are thrilled to have the extra day. We play early on Friday and that is good that we don't have to wait around."

With your struggles on the road, how do you prepare your team to play on a neutral court?
"We just tell them to go out and play. There are benefits to playing in the NCAA Tournament. They are excited to be playing in this tournament."

Donald Hand, Guard, Virginia
(On going to your first NCAA Tournament) "It's been great so far. WE know we have to make the best of it. We also know that we have to take a business approach to it. We know we have to be focused."

(Talk about the Gonzaga press) "We know that we have to come out and play our game. We like to run-and-gun and we feel that is to our advantage."

(On people saying that you are an underdog) "We haven't been to the tournament in a while. We are excited to be back in it. Some people expect us to lose, but we know we can do well here."

Roger Mason, Guard, Virginia
(On people saying that you are an underdog) "We know that Gonzaga has played well in the NCAA Tournament in the past. We understand that because we haven't been here in a while, that people would see us an underdog. We know that we will have to play hard against Gonzaga."

(On Virginia's road struggles this season) "We played in some hard places in the ACC. We have great fans at home and our crowd gives us a great boost. I don't see playing in the NCAA Tournament being a problem for our team."



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